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Qianhai Lake in Beijing / Peking

In Beijing there are several lakes that are virtually connected to each other. The Nanhat lake and the Zhonhai lake and lay more on the west side the Forbidden City. The North Sea lies in the famous Beihai Park where people are skating in the winter.

On the North side of this lake is located the Qianhai lake. There are many activiteis on the banks of this lake. You can take a boat or a water bike and there are several bars, cafes and even a Starbucks. The Qianhai lake are connecte through a narrow passage to the Houhai lake. The both both banks are there connected to each other by a bridge.

At this bridge are a few bars where you can sit comfortable on the roof. You have a good look at all the bustle of people and bicycles. Here you can also let you cycle around to make a Hutong tour. The bridge is connected to an authentic street with several souvenirs shops.

If you follow this street from the bridge you'll come in the immediate vicinity of the Drum and Bell Tower. These two towers are worth a visit. From here it is a short walk to the "eat" street Nanluogu Xiang Dong Cheng (see restaurants).